Enough might be… could be… Enough?

What's in a word? A hell of a lot if you follow the Websters-Dictionary Twitter feed. Those people have words, for words divided by words. The rest of us look at words as an involuntary action. We communicate with small, large or even contracted ones. Created slang to...

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Choices, Decisions & Being an Adult

I'm sure everyone has those moments... the ones where you sit back in your chair and question what the hell has happened to your life? You know the one where Person X has gotten to Point B and you haven't... and you work just as hard and you fight just as much. Yet,...

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Loss, Grief & Guilt: Letting Go of My Angel

My friend said to me that when we adopt animals we never think about the eventual decisions we have to make on their behalf. In 1998, my mom called me out to her car and said she had a package in the front seat. No one knew what the heck was going on, but I figured...

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Deals With Devils….

Everyone has reached that moment... that one second when you want to take your fist and implant it somewhere. It might be a wall, a steering wheel or (hopefully not) another human being. The fact is today's day and age we are surrounded by constant stimulation....

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Why We DO It!

Before you get started, no I'm not talking about "it." I'm talking about how we all rip ourselves down during the course of our lives. Sure, maybe there is a medical reason for some issues, but overall aren't we just ripping ourselves a new one for sake of FEAR? Trust...

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